Monday, December 21, 2009

the degree of love

So a thought came today...."I want to love you more God!"

As I was driving to a friends house this evening all nestled in my car with the heat blowing in my face, the stereo blasted with an all to familiar song..."I love you Lord. I worship you. You are my God, you alone are good." I took off in a rift of new songs to the Lord. Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Laaaaaaaaaa! Then it came, the thought..."I want to love you more Lord" The love that Im giving you now isn't enough. Something within my being, within the inner parts of me has more to give. But how? How do I love you more? How can I show you in a more passionately radical way?.... Almost immediately a sweet almost gentle breeze welled up within my soul, "spend time with me, in my love."

It seems all to simple. But that remains to be the answer...."SPEND TIME WITH ME, IN MY LOVE."

I've said it over and over again, its becoming one of my favorite sayings..."you don't need a degree to love people" This statement will forever be true, BUT the fact is I will forever be in need of God in order to love. To love people, to love myself, and to most definitely love God more.

So again I say, "I want to love you more God," and I know his only response will be "SPEND TIME WITH ME, IN MY LOVE."

Monday, December 14, 2009

returning to words

wow! its been awhile since my last post but I'm feeling the need to come back to writing...returning to words

I remember my fisrt experience with writing. It was in elementary school, first grade to be exact. My teacher had informed the class of an exciting new project that awaited us....writing creative stories. "O joy", I thought to myself. Me and writing hadn't yet established the most loving relationship. It was more like ripping a band aid off one's skin; painful, with no hope of relieve in sight.

Somewhere after the fourth or fifth or sixth creative story we were strongly "suggested" to write, I found that writing wasn't the slimmy, invested puss thing that ate the algea in a swamp but it could in fact be, if I let it, something quite beautiful...

So here I am again allowing the coals to burn on the fire that fuels my love of writing. I think when I was younger I was afraid to admit that I actually liked writing. It had to do with buying into a lie that I wasn't good enough, smart enough, witty enough, to put a collection of words together and say something of worth; of value, of importance to me, regardless of anyone standing behind me cheering me on. But the truth is, I'm just me and I can't be anyone else. No longer am I afraid to admit one of my greatest joys...writing!

Im returning, returning to words!