Thursday, September 3, 2009

blessed are the flexible

Sitting in a meeting very aware and yet distracted by my surroundings, a friend next to me didn't make the situation any easier. She began making jokes and cracks that I couldn't help but not respond to. She reached for her pen and began  writing in my notebook, I will never forget this...blessed are the flexible. for when they are bent they do not break... 

that thought has been in my mind the last couple of days the severity of being stretched. Even when a muscle in the body is pulled the wrong way it begins to cry out...ouch! the pain, the pain!... the tension seems to be to much. Ironicly enough I walking around with a pulled, stretched calve muscle. The question I would ask myself is why didn't I stretch? Was I prepared for the pulling that would take place? Never did I know a pain like this, if only I would have stretched before, now I find myself being stretch...ouch! the pain, the pain!... So in the words of my friend I say, BLESSED ARE THE FLEXIBLE. FOR WHEN THEY ARE BENT, PULLED, PUSHED, THEY WILL NOT BREAK

Matthew chapter five...


  1. good stuff sister...can't wait to read you!

  2. This makes me think about the beauty of having children. When I am flexible and adaptable, I am a better mama. When I am relaxed and calm, I birth easily. But when I am rushed, scheduled, calculated and expecting... I am disappointed for I enter into pain, hurt and disconnection.

    Thanks for the great entry... don't stop writing, Racquel!